Log Bag FAQ's

Log bag size FAQ’s

The most common questions we get asked are about the sizes of the bags we supply.

Here is a breakdown of what we can offer you.

Barrows bags are our handiest and most mobile offering. With dimensions of about 50x50x95cm these handy bags are perfect for us to wheel out the back of your house, down the bottom of your garden or even through your front door! They also take up less space in a garage or shed than our bulk bags. They are however, time consuming to fill, so this is part of the extra cost but also the fact we will wheel them anywhere on your property for no extra charge.  

With average use you can expect a single barrow bag of logs to last you 2 weeks or more.

Dumpy bags

The ‘dumpy’ bags we use measure 82x82x92 or 85x85x85 both giving a volume of 0.62m3, roughly equivalent to 2.5 barrow bags. For delivery they need to be lifted off the truck by our crane. They can be placed directly inside your garage with ease using our hydraulic crane. As long as your garage floor is smooth or preferably painted/coated then they can easily be repositioned by our delivery driver.

You can expect one of our dumpy bags to last you a month or more generally.

*Please note* - Be aware, particularly when comparing prices, that there are many sizes of bag all referred to as a dumpy bag on the market, including 80x80x80cm (0.5m3), 90x90x90cm (0.73m3) even the builders merchant ‘tunnel loop’ dumpy bags at 75x85x95cm (0.55m3). These are all interchangeably called ‘ton bags’, ‘tonny bags’ or similar, when in fact they wouldn't even hold that weight full of stone. Full of sub 20% moisture logs they should weigh no more than 225kg with 80x80x80cm bags closer to 150kg.

So always make sure you are comparing equal bag volumes if you shop around. Just multiply the 3 bag dimensions to calculate the cubic volume. For example 0.9x0.9x0.9m gives you 0.73m3, then if you devide the price by the volume you'll get the price per cubic metre.  A £95 bag measuring 0.6m3, so an 85x85x85cm bag (95/0.6) would be the equivalent of £158 per m3. 



All of our bags are suitable for storing our dry logs in as long as they are kept dry, wether thats in a shed, a garage or even just with a tarpaulin over them and off the ground slightly. As long as they don’t get rewetted they will be just fine in the bag and once the bag is empty we’ll swap it out for another at your next delivery to reuse it.

Our newest bags with velcro lids are showerproof to keep your logs dry during wet weather delivery but ideally you would use a secondary tarpaulin or cover, and a pallet or timbers to keep it off the ground if you planned on storing it outside. We don't recommend you do this though in any case. Indoor storage is better for all of our bags.


Dragging Bags. Although we don’t encourage our customers to drag their bags. It is perfectly possible on a smooth painted or coated garage floor. Anything rougher and you risk damaging the bag. We don’t expect our bags to last forever but they are capable of a more than one trip if we look after them. That can only help to keep the cost of our products down in the long run and help to reduce plastic usage.