Order now for delivery within a week from order on our most popular products such and our standard hardwood and softwood.

Free Delivery Areas and Shipping Policy

Please note we do NOT currently ship any of our products via post or pallet services. We ONLY offer local delivery to the areas below using our own delivery vehicles.

We provide free delivery on orders over £60 throughout TS postcodes except TS12 past Birk Brow Bank, TS13 to the east of Loftus and the northern extremities of TS27 (Blackhall colliery area).

We will deliver to these areas for an extra £20 or if your order is over £160, but please note our system will still accept your order if it is less. In which case we will have to contact you to confirm you are happy for us to manually amend the order and request extra funds, or refund your order in full.

If you have a neighbour or friends in the same town/village in TS12, TS13 or TS27 who also uses our logs, if you can synchronise your orders to receive them at the same time we are more than happy to count those as the 'same' delivery.

In addition we deliver free to all of the following Darlington postcode areas:

DL1, DL2 (1**+ 2**), DL2 (3**) may require an extra delivery fee), DL3, DL5, DL6/DL7/DL11 (Roughly draw a line East/West at the A684 turnoff on the A167 South of Northallerton and take a straight line from Yafforth to Middleton Tyas

If you are at all unsure if your address is included please contact us directly prior to ordering. Any orders made without confirming we come to your area out of these boundaries will be refunded.

Shipping Policy

Once your order has been made we will contact you at our earliest opportunity by your preferred contact method to confirm your order and make arrangements to deliver your order at a time convenient to you, wherever possible.

If we can fit your delivery in at very short notice (same day or AM delivery the next day) after receiving your order, we will call ahead to make arrangements.

Where is my order?

Particularly during busy periods, if you are unsure as to the whereabouts of your order please rest assured we are working through our orders as quickly as we can and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Booking a Delivery Slot?

You cannot, at this time, choose a specific delivery time before speaking to us but letting us know which days you can definitely accept a delivery is very much appreciated when it comes to planning our routes. We can usually accept specific requests for a delivery slot but only thanks to the flexibility of others.