Keeping It Local


We always try to buy our round wood supplies from as close as we can to our yard. This might be from neighbouring farmers, large estates like Raby, Croft or Rokeby, Forestry England, timber harvesting companies or even individual foresters working on behalf of one of the former. As long as the timber comes from managed woodland or a clear fell site that is to be replanted, its ideal. This has the benefit of ensuring the crop of local woodland has a market and therefore continues to allow it to be managed, to the betterment of the environment for flora and fauna.


The next benefit is reduced haulage and not unnecessarily burning litres of diesel moving it about the country hundreds of miles when there is plenty of supply locally.


Additionally by providing an outlet for the harvested timber, we are supporting the local forestry sector, harvesting contractors, hauliers, mechanics, forestry equipment dealers, training companies, estate staff and even more down the supply chain.

Also by not importing firewood from European countries we are reducing the risk of bringing over some pretty nasty pests and diseases that are ravaging forests over on the continent. These horrible beasties could quite easily make their way over in a container full of firewood unless it has been properly kilned, which unfortunately doesn’t always happen.