We're now 'Ready to Burn' Accredited, supplying you ready to use logs throughout the Tees Valley.

Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood
Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood
Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood
Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood
Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood

Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried Hardwood

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Next batch of normal 10"(25cm) logs due on the 1st of November and will make available to order 5 days prior.

NOW 'Ready to Burn' Accredited!

A 0.62m3 dumpy bag full to the brim of mixed species Kiln Dried hardwood logs, dried on site to approx 15% moisture and ready to burn immediately. Cut and split by ourselves to a standard 25cm length with a diameter of 5-15cm generally. This size of log will fit in the vast majority of current 5kw+ stoves or open fires without any extra work from you. However, its not a bad idea to have a chopping block and a medium sized splitting axe available in case of the odd big chunk that sneaks through!

If your stove is on the smaller side we would recommend you choose our 20cm (8" long) logs which will almost certainly fit in even the smallest of stoves!

Other log lengths available by request (20cm, 33cm or even longer), shorter logs incur a surcharge as they actually fill the bags better giving you a greater weight of logs in the bag. There is of course the extra time taken to produce, extra sawdust created when cutting, drying and storing smaller logs separately.  Similarly larger logs are cheaper due to the increased production output from less cuts and slightly less weight in the bag. 

Although usage can vary hugely from customer to customer, generally we would expect this bag of logs to keep the average user warm through at least 7 weeks of British weather based on approx 10 hours usage per week. Some make it last all winter, others we see every month. We won't complain if we see you sooner though!

Our hardwood is usually a combination of one or more of the following species: Ash, Sycamore, Birch, Beech, Cherry, Alder, Oak, Hawthorne, Chestnut or Elm. Always sourced as locally as possible, from sustainably managed, estate or state owned woodlands helping to keep many people employed and in business.

Generally suitable for pizza ovens also but we would recommend our bags of pure Ash pizza logs for best results.

Delivered free of charge to the majority of TS postcodes and a number of DL postcodes too. We leave you with the bag, with no bag deposit taken, but we do ask that you make every effort to return the bag to us on our next visit to be refilled for the next customer to save on plastic waste and unnecessary extra costs.


*Bag volume is calculated by the bag dimensions when empty ie 82x82x92cm. Bags may bulge and logs may settle in storage and transit.