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Barrow Bag of Kiln Dried Softwood
Barrow Bag of Kiln Dried Softwood
Barrow Bag of Kiln Dried Softwood

Barrow Bag of Kiln Dried Softwood

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Softwood is an excellent value alternative to hardwood. Higher grades of softwood like Larch or Douglas Fir which can burn for just as long as some hardwoods and are increasingly cheaper than hardwood alternatives. Softwood is also much faster to process and quicker to dry than hardwood species. Making it cheaper at the time of sale to you the customer. 

Perfect for getting your stove up to temperature quickly, it burns bright and hot with a steady flame. Excellent on its own or as a starter fuel mixed with hardwood for a slightly longer burn. Honestly, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two unless you pay really close attention. In terms of heat energy (kWh) provided per bag, the Softwood we provide actually provides more heat for the £ per KG than hardwood.

Our softwood is usually a combination of the following species: Larch, Pine and Spruce.
Cut from local, managed, estate woodlands employing local people and businesses.

Price is for 1 barrow bag, unless stated otherwise and does not include kindling pictured.

Bag Dimensions are: 48x48x95cm with tie down lid.

£10 Delivery charge for 1 or free on orders over £60

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