Order now for delivery within a week from order on our most popular products such and our standard hardwood and softwood.

Quality, Consistently Dry Logs. Every Time.

We sell nothing less than top quality, consistently dry logs. If they're not dry and ready to burn they don't leave the yard, it's that simple. Lots of people have had bad experiences with wet logs and we have no intention whatsoever of any of our customers ever having to deal with that problem again!

We know exactly the process we have to follow to get our logs dried to perfection and we continually monitor our systems to make sure they are performing as we know they should. It may not be ideal for anyone but we would rather delay your order than send you logs that aren't ready to burn. 



Some of you may have heard of the 'Woodsure- Ready to Burn' initiative. Its an accreditation designed to help the consumer to find and buy from businesses that have paid to be audited professionally to show that their logs are consistently dry and 'ready to burn'. It works very well, will no doubt help a lot of people find a good supplier and we're not knocking it usefulness in that regard.

By all means use any of these companies and be sure that your logs will be dry and ready to burn but we feel don't that it's necessary to increase our overheads and the cost to you, just to be told that our logs are beautifully dry and burn efficiently.

We know that already because we make sure they are and then our customers confirm their quality with reviews, feedback and buying from us time and time again. That's all the accreditation we need at the moment. Happy customers!!